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Being Human - reaction post

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Jan. 11th, 2010 | 05:46 pm
Feeling: tiredtired

  • I really should have re-watched series 1 first, because I can hardly remember what happened!

  • George and Mitchell don't half look miserable

  • Creepy vampire couple are creepy

  • Nina/Annie bonding. I approve of this immensely. More of this please, show.

  • Lol at Annie applying for a job in the pub

  • "You're squishy" Man, I ship them so hard ♥

  • Oh, Nina's a werewolf. Never saw that one coming /sarcasm

  • Creepy guy with werewolf in the chamber. Gorey.

  • George stop being a twat

  • Trevor the goldfish! Hee!

  • Annie working in the pub gave me the lolz. I think she is my favorite thing about this show

  • Gas leak is in no way a cover for bad guys to raid your house

  • Tea for everyone! :D

  • Quoting scripture. That's not creepy at all, creepy man. What are you up to?

*Needs a Being Human icon* Actually, needs more icons full stop. Is there anyway to buy more userpics without actually upgrading to a paid account?

Oh, and Law and Order: UK series 1.5 is on tonight. I'm not sure if I previously, erm, acquired tonight's episode, but I'll watch it anyway.

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Comments {3}


from: phantomreviewer
date: Jan. 11th, 2010 06:02 pm (UTC)

*has a mini-flail*

I've been struggling to find people to talk Being Human with, either they haven't watched it yet or they're not online. So frustrating.

Oh I don't like that other vampire couple, I think he's (Ivan) kinda interesting but the slutty wife/girlfriend is just too dodgy for me. And lols,

I loved Nina and Annie bonding, I want a scene like that every episode. :-)

I had very mixed opinions about Nina becoming a werewolf, I thought it would mess with the show's dynamic. Our top 3, as it were. It's apparently working pretty well. But I dunno. Is it me or are they fractioning out? As in getting more seperate from each other. THat's why I liked the ending, they were all buddy-ee.

George stop being a twat couldn't have put it better myself.

They are so creept, I'm very worried for George and Nina.

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from: crytears
date: Jan. 11th, 2010 06:18 pm (UTC)

Yeah, the wife creeps me out a lot more than the husband. Also creepy-vampire-wife/George = Do Not Want.

I think it's little to early to tell how Nina being a werewolf/living with OT3 is going to affect the dynamic. Although, it does seem as if they are going in the direction where it's Nina/Annie, George/Mitchell bonding all the time. Which we'll probably see more of if Nina finds out about George/creepy-vampire-wife.

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from: phantomreviewer
date: Jan. 11th, 2010 07:29 pm (UTC)

I'm really hoping that there's no more George/Daisy 'cause it's just wrong. (Ironically 'cause I'm a George/Mitchell shipper) I don't think that people who knew about vampires would sleep with them. They have a tendency to bite after all. Silly George.

I was just worried that they'd start fractioning off, you know, more George and Nina staying together and Annie/Mitchell starting. But I quite like the intergrating that's happening. Just the whole thing because it's a vampire, ghost and werewolf share a flat in Bristol now turning into some different.

I do hope that we get more Nina and Annie bonding and George/Mitchell time but please no more George/Daisy.

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